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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the disabled.social moderators.

  1. I am at least 16 years of age or older on the date of registration for the disabled.social instance.
  2. I agree to not discriminate or promote/advocate content that oppresses members of marginalized groups (see rules for examples of groups).
  3. I agree to not threaten, stalk, or dox people.
  4. I agree to not harass others using tactics such as brigading, dogpiling, or any other form of contact with a user who has stated that they do not wish to be contacted.
  5. I agree to not engage in mobbing, name-calling, intentional misgendering, or deadnaming.
  6. I agree to not promote/advocate violent nationalist propaganda, Nazi symbolism, or promoting the ideology of National Socialism.
  7. I agree to not promote/advocate conspiracy narratives or other reactionary myths supporting or leading to the above-mentioned (and/or similar) behavior.
  8. I agree to not promote/advocate unsubstantiated conspiracy theories related to anti-vaxx and COVID19.
  9. I agree to alt text images, caption videos, and try my best to follow the best practices for screen readers.
  10. I agree to not be spammy (e.g., spamming feeds with giveaways, crypto, etc.)
  11. I agree to not post, promote, or advocate any content that is illegal in the United States.
  12. I agree to not use disabled.social as a way to grow a commercial business, market products, or as a way to profit off of disabled people. EXCEPTION: Disabled people who sell products as part of mutual aid efforts and survival (e.g., Etsy shops, personal businesses, written works like books, etc.)
  13. I agree to use content warnings where appropriate.
  14. I agree to follow the remainder of the rules and adhere to the best practices outlined on the server about page.